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Recorded, Edited, Mixed and Mastered by Enkeleen aka Ian James Watson (Lithium, blackmilk, Mamba Washamba, Throatball & BULLETSCRIPT) at Sui Studios, over a 2 year period (1999-2001) . 

This album is a combination of live improvised performances by a mixed bag of musicians, manipulated in a cut and paste fashion by Watson's digital alter ego Enkeleen. Reviewed in The Wire upon it's release, in 2000, the album was praised for it's fresh take on the medium of combining epectronic, cut and paste, live and improvised music. 

With a fun yet dark undertone throughout, and a playful rule breaking approach to composition, Ek Is Legio shows us what happens when you set yourself free to create music beyond genre and without any intended application, other than your listening pleasure. 

Please enjoy on headphones. And late at night. :)

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