Jeremy Loops EU Tour - Antwerp

Published by Enkeleen,
18 Jul 2017

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Playing at OLT tonight. Set up from 2-4pm and then the band checks from 4-5:30pm. We usually get decent catering at the venue and the backstage also has food so we never go hungry. 

Looking forward to this first show of the second leg of the tour. There were some growing pains in the first leg. It was the first  time I had toured with a band and it was also a new in ear monitoring system for the band. The idea was to reduce changeover time at festivals because the band would always have their own unique in ear mix which would be aupplemented by the Stage wedges. 

So far it has worked well except when we played at Summerjam in Germany and I did not brief the Monitor tech so there was no wedge sound on Stage. This makes the band feel out in the cold as they are used to ambient noise when playing music. In ears can be quite dissociative but they improve pitching and performance if you get them right. 

The other aspect of my job is Jeremy's guitar and loop pedal tech so it gets quite crazy plugging and checking the gear but I am lucky enough to have 27 years of guitar playing behind me and 13 years as a sound tech. Plus my diploma in Electrical Engineer. 

At the end of the day even my first Jon as a driver has come in handy. Touring is all about driving, interpersonal relationships, shows and technical and they are all equally important to manage correctly.

Mistakes may happen and chaos will happen and it is how those are managed that helps to define a successful tour. 

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Carola (18 Jul 2017)
Awesome man! Have loads of fun and keep on updating us through your new fantastic site! Lol 😂😘
eyekorner (18 Jul 2017)
Good luck tonight! Please share some photos if you can.

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