Jeremy Loops EU Tour

Published by Enkeleen,
19 Jul 2017

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Antwerp you beaut!

What a great show. From our arrival for set up and check things went smoothly. Top quality gear and crew makes all the difference.

We had to switch to their IEM system as our frequently ranges seem to fall outside some territories. In fact I have a real concern that we were sold the wrong range. I will need to sort it out when I get home.

The show was inside a beautiful amphitheater built in the 30's to show movies. Acoustic treatment made it nice and clear although there was some bounce back towards stage. Lucky we have the ears which means clarity in almost all situations.

While the technical aspect of the tour is my primary concern I will say that once it is squared away it really is all about people and their interrelationships. The way we deal with each other on tour, the way we deal with local crew and of course the way the band relates to the audience. 

What made this show special was the playful way that Jeremy interacted with the audience. He joked, he played songs he had not rehearsed and he spoke Afrikaans (very close to the local tongue). 

Once the show was over I reflected to the tour manager and FOH tech how great the show was and how good the crew was. I was this surprised when I found they had the opposite experience with the crew. As fate would have it I ended up sitting down with the local crew after that and having a beer. As I have come from the AV industry o can relate to how it feels to be them so enjoy their company. This is invaluable. They related to me how rude the tour manager had been towards the lighting guy. While AV people are tough they still have feelings and a lot of them are actually passionate and dedicated to what they do (you have to be to put up with the non-sense that comes with the job), so when there is a lack of respect then things go wrong. I cannot change what happened but I can learn that if a tech relationship sours one can turn around and just say, 'shall we start again?' 

At the end of the day it's a team effort.

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