Tangible Tales: An outdoor storytelling workshop for pre-school children

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16 May 2017

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Our Outdoor Storytelling Workshop offers pre-schoolers an exciting new perspective when it comes to experiencing literature and starting to develop those all important literacy skills. An eclectic mix of sensory adventure, fireside folk tales and creative story crafting - this session employs an experiential approach to excite, inspire and breathe real life into learning! 

Each workshop is carefully tailored to engage each of the children at exactly the right level in order to have maximum and immediate impact. We can design programmes that cater for a wide range of needs and we make sure we discuss these in detail with staff before we visit. Our workshops work best with smaller numbers of pupils, as we like to make sure that each pupil receives an adequate amount of time from the creative practitioner in order to inspire their creativity. We recommend group size is between six to eight students.

Every one of our imaginative and invigorating activities incorporates the immediate environment; using strong sensory stimuli to spice up each task!

Depending on the length of the session and the requirements of the group, the students will create a collaborative piece of writing (with us acting as their scribe!) We will also provide additional resources and follow up tasks that teachers and parents can use if they wish. 

What can you expect to witness in the workshop?

...an exciting variety of interactive and experiential tasks that introduce the concept of reading and writing and develop the children's understanding of language and literature. Some examples are provided below and will vary depending on the ages of the students in the group:


Establishing a storytelling community and a sense of mutual support through the sharing of stories around a real (!) or imaginary fire.

Exploding vocabulary through the use of the senses. Students expand their range of nouns, adjectives,verbs and adverbs through practical interaction and sensory exploration of objects/creatures/smells etc in the world surrounding them. Ideas about characters and adventures for our collaborative story are gathered at this stage!

Encouraging pupils to develop their collaborative story by discovering real life events taking place within the environment around them. Students are encouraged to carry out explorations in novel and creative ways such as leopard crawling through an area with a magnifying glass to observe a beetle investigating a potential food source! 

Expressing thoughts, feelings and emotions through stories. This is where we get dramatic. Our Wild of the Word way is to observe creatures living in the immediate environment and dramatise this new knowledge. Once we've explored potential thoughts/feelings experienced by these creatures, we transfer it to our story!

Benefits to children:

The air is a great deal fresher outside!
Introduces language and literacy skills at an early stage in an exciting and refreshing way
Introduces drama and prose - kindling an interest in literature and developing their skill in this area

Challenges children to stretch their imagination to explore different possibilities
Enriches children towards a more creative mind set
Improves confidence as they take part in exciting exercises and share new experiences with other children



"You've inspired our practitioners!" (2017)

"All the children thoroughly enjoyed themselves, thank you." (2017)

"Children that usually struggle to access literacy - could!" (2017)



Our workshops vary in cost, so we'll need a little more information eg, numbers of young people you wish to take part, location/postcode and the type of workshop you are interested in.  Give us a call to discuss your requirements in more detail.

Contact details

Call Pridie on 07743815942, or pop us a message at www.facebook.com/thewildofthewords/


A little more about our founder...


Hi! I'm Pridie and I established The Wild of the the Words earlier this year. I'm the proud owner of two energetic young children, one crazy dog, far too many books, an inordinate amount of outdoor adventure gear, a mad inventor husband and a little blue VW camper van. 

So, as you can imagine - our world gets quite wild before we've even had breakfast:)

I've taught English for over fourteen years now and the one absolute and unshakeable truth that those years in education have taught me is that kids excel through engagement; if you can fire up their imagination then they'll fly in your subject. For me, this has always meant stepping away from traditional teaching strategies and embracing alternative learning environments - my favourite being the weird-er, wild-er world that begins just beyond the window. My firm belief in the superiority of experiential learning over learning confined to the classroom, has led me to continually seek and develop methods of teaching that rekindle curiosity and creativity in students; boosting their confidence in the subject and sharpening their skills without them even realising - because they're having too much fun!

My background:

I studied English Literature and Philosophy at university - a truly crazy combination but one that certainly inspired me to explore the world in the way I do now! Following this, I trained to become a secondary school teacher of English and now have fourteen years classroom experience teaching English Language and English Literature to Key Stage 3, 4 (GCSE) and 5 (A Level). While teaching I had the opportunity to take on some really interesting and rewarding roles including Head of Subject and Head of Year. I'm fascinated by the process of teaching and learning and really enjoy coaching and consulting with both colleagues and professionals outside the educational establishment in innovative and effective strategies. I'm also very interested in the development of education internationally and my work in Uganda over the last twelve years continues to provide me with incredibly humbling and constantly rewarding experiences. As well as classroom teaching, I also privately tutor students across the key stages, deliver outdoor adventurous training (which keeps the mountain monster in me satisfied) and enjoy volunteering for NGOs wherever possible! 

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