France - Jeremy Loops EU Summer Tour

23 Jul 2017

Published by Enkeleen

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I had to go to France to find a phone in a toilet. No wonder they like Fois Gras.

We made it to Paris yesterday and managed a whistle stop tour of the city. From about 9pm-1am. Saw (as in walk or drove past) Norte Dame, the Louvre, Eiffel Tower, Arc Du Triomf and The Champs Le Sey (spelling?).

Not sure why we have a dim view of the French (we I know it'a lies spread by the jealous British). The city is massive and expansive and the sheer manual labour required must have been soul crushing. 

I have come to realize that European global dominance (backed up by cousins US, SA and Oz) was all about using the British as the cold hearted henchmen and French as the perveyors of culture with the Spanish and Portuguese as a prototypical combo of both. Those four being the dominating cultures of colonialism. Germany did it's thing but was more divided at that time.

It is no surprise that the US has deep British roots and a statue gifted from France. Here, take our surly hubris but don't forget to sprinkle it with some culture to make your pill  of intervention go down smoother.

i must say, I do not think I will ever go into another city or town in the world to marvel at architecture. I was looking at the Eiffel Tower and because I spent some time in construction all I could think was what a pain it was to build and how many perished to build this monument to what exactly? 

I found myself looking at a tree next to me and thinking, "there are trees that take longer to grow and require only their own system and of course sun, water and soil. Perhaps I am, or have always been, cynical towards Western advancement, but I am not filled with the same awe in Paris as I am in the Namib Desert. The sheer power of our world shrinks everything we will ever try to do into thumb twiddling and time wasting really.

Perhaps we may traverse the universe or download consciousness, but at what cost? What of the massive misery and pain that the so called modern, 'civilized' world has subjected the planet and the bulk of it's human population too? 

Our techonology has become the sand we bury our ever shrinking external awareness in. 

Go outside. Talk face to face. Walk, don't drive. Dream of things other than the limited world of man. The universe is a vast and magical place when we open our awareness to it. Just ask and be humble. The rest follows.

Oh, and we played Lolopalooza festival, which must be 10 millions light years away from what Perry Farrel had in mind. I heard someone brag that it features almost all the top artists of the day...need I say more?

I have come to see I will always be a child of the 80's who woke up in the 90's and has been dodging bullets ever since. But I know I am not alone.

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