Freiburg - Jeremy Loops EU Tour

20 Jul 2017

Published by Enkeleen

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What a show!

Freiburg crowd was great and the band delivered their best show yet. When band, audience and technical team (including the awesome local crew) gel, we all create unforgettable moments in time.

Jeremy and his band have been working tirelessly online and in the flesh to create what happened tonight. I was lucky enough to work with Jeremy on some of his first shows and am again privileged to be involved in one of SA's shining lights.

My experience over the years has taught me  that one has to be respectful of the space created by these three facets of the live show. If any one of them is not in sync then magic is not possible. Call it the holy trinity of the modern live show. 

Tomorrw we travel to Paris and prepare for our opening slot on the Main Stage at Lollapalooza festival on Friday. As a tech I am grateful we have the opening slot as it will give us time to prepare and make sure the right space is created.

As a trainee Sangoma (traditional South African Healer) I have been called to be involved here as it presents an opportunity for me to call my Ancestors back to South Africa with me and also to use all the skills I have acquired in my 44 years. 

I pray regularly not only for things to go well but also for the fortitude and resilience necessary to deal with things when they do not. That is the challenge of this life. To hold your centre within the storm and to come out the other side wiser for it. Always grateful, always humble and, ultimately, always working with the grace of God and help of the Ancestors. 

Glory be to this creation and to the challenges of the modern age. The more I hold this to be true the more I see that we have the power to individually and collectively create a better world for all.


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