Jeremy Loops EU Summer Tour - Cape Town

27 Jul 2017

Published by Enkeleen

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Made it home safely to Cape Town!

Our final show at Blue Balls Festival in Lucerne was a success. We played a headline slot after Crystal Fighters and the band delivered. It did seem a shame to end the tour when we were just getting into our stride but we have 5 shows in Austria in September to look forward to.

We arrived late for our flight to SA which was stressful but it did mean that 3 of us got upgraded to Business class. What luxury. At R25 000 a pop it had better be! I decided not to sleep so I could make yh most of it and it ended up being a good strategy as I caught those winks on the connecting flight from Dubai to CT.

Had to hustle in Dubai as they almost confiscated one of the audio snakes I had in my bag. Apparently no cables are allowed on the plane. Lessson learned. I had transferee the gear to my backpack to save weight. Not sure how to deal with it for the next tour so we will have to see.

August will be a regroup and a tweak of the new set up, in preparation for Austria. Also a debrief of the show. At the end of the day Jeremy and the band were happy, and while there were mistakes made, non wrrr catastrophic failures and band and audience had a good time. There were at least 2-3 shows which were perfect and gave us something to aim for in the future. It is that suspension on disbelief known all too well in theatre that should also me the main aim of any bands show. While many bands profess to be 'of and for the people', the audience comes to see something that takes them to a place and transports their emotions too. Jeremy is well aware of that and this primary focus is something many bands in SA can learn from. Put the audience experience first and you will see the benefit.



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