Lucerne - Jeremy Loops EU Summer Tour

24 Jul 2017

Published by Enkeleen

(Last updated 19 weeks ago)

The final show of 3 tonight in Lucerne Switzerland. Yesterday's show at Secret Garden Party went well. It was a gritty affair a it had been raining all weekend.

We pushed through and the band delivered a great set. When done we drove back to hotel at Heathrow for a 6:30am call time to fly to Switzerland. Straight of the plane into set up and soundcheck. Show starts at 8:30 with Crystal Fighters and we are on at 10:45pm.

Our return flight to SA is at 10:45pm on Wednesday so we will have some time to chill after the show and tomorrow.

it has been real. A rollercoaster of highs and lows of which Jeremy and Mo are seasoned veterans. Now that we are reaching the end I pray for a high and a safe trip home for all involved. We do it again in September so there is time to regroup and assess the gear  and personnel upgrade. 

Thanks to Jeremy and Mo for hiring me and having faith in my ability. I do hope to continue working with them and continually taking things to the next level.

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