RE-WILDING THE WORD: Creative story-crafting workshops designed for older children

10 Jul 2018

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'Really interesting and lots of fun’ - Beth, 14

'Very cool!' – 10/10! - Matt,11

'Very enjoyable and definitely unique!’ - Quinn,13


Our Re-wilding The Word workshops offer young people a fresh new perspective when it comes to experiencing literacy, language and literature. Both aspiring authors and reluctant writers will discover plenty to engage and enthuse them as we set about sharpening story-crafting skills in this session for older children.

To begin with, we trade tales around the fire, dissect the stories and track the impact of particular literary devices. We follow this with a series of practical activities that encourage young people to approach tales and texts from weirder and wackier perspectives e.g. exploring what it might be like to be Katniss Everdeen by engaging in a bit of escape and evade! This crazy combination of sensory exploration and storytelling encourages children to articulate new and exciting ideas about texts; prompting them to experiment with different and more dynamic description and detail in their own writing. We also enjoy some slightly wilder methods of proof reading and providing constructive feedback - more often than not, making messy use of mudboards for experimental spelling and grass stain highlighters!

Clubs: This summer, we are running a small number of unique holiday workshops for young storytellers and aspiring authors who are keen to spin some wild and wacky stories in an outdoor-inspired environment! At our welcoming and friendly sessions, children can be themselves and write freely without fear of any dreaded red pen! There is no right or wrong; it's all about crazy creativity and the weirder and wild-er, the better! We recommend group size is between six to eight students. We will also provide additional resources and follow up tasks that parents and children can use at home to further develop their story-crafting skills!

Schools: Each day / half day workshop is carefully tailored to engage pupils at exactly the right level in order to have maximum and immediate impact. We can design workshops that cater for a wide range of needs, including Pupil Premium, Gifted & Talented, English as an Additional Language, pupils working below their expected level and reluctant writers. We recommend group size is between six to eight students. Depending on the length of the session and the requirements of the group, the young people will create collaborative and independent pieces of writing. We will also provide additional resources and follow up tasks that teachers and parents can use if they wish.

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